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Stem Cell November 13-22, 2013

Stem Cell Therapies at the Nova Vita Center*
November 13-22, 2013
Guayaquil, Ecuador

We are happy to announce that a visiting American medical staff will be offering stem cell therapies at the Nova Vita Center in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Stem cells are taken from the patients own bone marrow and prepared for re-injection into the body: (1) by the intravenous route, (2) into arthritic joints, or (3) into intervertebral discs for spine pain. These therapies are legally available in the U.S.; however, during this week in Ecuador, the Ecuadorian medical staff will additionally be administering essential oil therapies simultaneously, which is not available in the U.S.

Here is a description of the three types of therapies offered:                  

(1) Intravenous injection of bone marrow stem cells

This is a therapy intended to treat:

·        Autoimmune disease
·        Neurological disease
·        Heart/vascular disease
·        Lung disease
·        Diabetes
·        Non-healing wounds
·        Does not treat cancer

We have large reservoirs of stem cells in our bone marrow. When we have an acute injury, they are naturally released into general circulation in order to heal the body. However, when we are in a chronic disease state, this no longer occurs. In order to treat chronic disease, we remove the stem cells from the bone marrow and re-inject them intravenously. This way, the body thinks that it has undergone a trauma and places the organism into a hyper-healing state.

The American medical staff has found this treatment to be helpful for a broad spectrum of systemic disorders. This therapy is considered experimental, but it is very safe. The stem cell IV will be immediately followed by essential oil therapy administered by the Ecuadorian medical staff. The cost for this combined procedure is $2,500, all of which will be donated to the D. Gary Young Foundation. The procedure will be performed at the Nova Vita Center. Please contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment:

(2) Injection of bone marrow stem cells into joints

For the treatment of arthritis of the shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, hip, knee, ankle/foot, our American staff will harvest bone marrow and re-inject it directly into the arthritic joint(s). The experience of the American medical staff is that this treatment is very effective at reducing pain and increasing function of joints. This injection will be immediately followed by essential oil therapy administered by the Ecuadorian medical staff.

The cost for this treatment is $2,500 if performed by the American medical staff, but you have the option of paying $1,500 if you allow the procedure to be performed by one of the international visiting doctors that the American medical staff will be training. The procedure will be performed at the Nova Vita Center. Please contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment:

(3) Injection of bone marrow stem cells into intervertebral discs of the spine

For people suffering from spine pain related to degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, and/or spinal stenosis, our American medical staff will inject bone marrow stem cells directly into the center of the intervertebral discs and into the spinal canal (epidural space) in an attempt to regenerate the tissues of the spine. This is followed immediately by essential oil therapy administered by the Ecuadorian medical staff.

Because of the vast jump in complexity of this procedure, it is performed under anesthesia in the operating room of a modern hospital in Guayaquil. The price is higher than the above two listed procedures and is based on a variety of factors. Please contact us for an estimate:

Included in the above listed prices is transportation to and from the airport and to and from the hotel. Meals are furnished while taking treatment according to the dietary needs of your protocol. You can wire your payment to the D. Gary Young Foundation, or you may pay in cash when you arrive (wire instructions will be sent when you schedule an appointment). However, no therapies or treatments will be administered until payment is received.

You will also be able to have a microscopic blood analysis to determine the state of your health and specific needs of your body and be able to return home with protocols to help you continue with your healing.

If you wish to stay longer for further treatments with essential oils and other therapies, check with the Center to see what the extra charges would be. Other therapies include:

·        Essential oil water baths
·        Massage
·        Raindrop Therapy treatment
·        Structural treatment

There is much to choose from and enjoy. If you would like to schedule additional appointments with the Nova Vita Center, please contact them directly:  

Also, during this week, the American and Ecuadorian medical staff will be offering training to licensed physicians in the therapies described above. This is the procedure that Gary first had done with essential oils in Ecuador six years ago. Both Dr. Gary and Dr. Leida will be present with the other doctors. This was the beginning of Garys spinal column regeneration.

Physician Training

The American and Ecuadorian medical staff will be training licensed doctors in these therapies during the week. There will be a didactic portion as well as hands-on practice of the skills. Please contact for details and pricing.

Airlines and Hotels

Please make your own airline and hotel reservations; you are responsible for these charges.


American Airlines ( has direct flights out of Miami. Air France ( and Iberia ( fly directly from Europe. Copa Airlines (, Lan Ecuador ( or, and Avianca ( are also possibilities.

Porters will be available at the airport to help with the luggage. They will take it off the belt and carry it to the scanner (all luggage, including carry-ons, purses, cameras, diaper bags, etc., have to go through a scanner to enter Ecuador). Porters will then carry your baggage out for you right to the taxi or to whoever is picking you up at that time. Generally $1 is sufficient as a tip.


·        Sheraton Guayaquil: (593) (4) 208.2088                                                                
·        Holiday Inn Guayaquil Airport: 1 (888) 465.4329
·        Courtyard Marriott Guayaquil: (593) (4) 600.9200
·        Hilton Colon Guayaquil: (593) (4) 268.9000
·        Howard Johnson Guayaquil: (593) (4) 239.7374 

The Nova Vita Center is located on the Young Living Farm outside of Guayaquil about 40 minutes from the airport.  


Guayaquil is beautiful with temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees. At best you will need only a sweater for a cooler evening. Do not bring heavy clothing or anything made from thick material. Most people like cotton the best, and most dress attire is very casual.
There are a few small health food stores in Guayaquil, which are usually found in the malls. They carry mostly oriental and GNC-type supplements, which are very limited. If you want healthy snacks, then bring them with you. You can buy cheese, yogurt, and fruit, but choices are limited. Ecuadorians love sugar and almost all processed food contains sugar. Do not wear expensive jewelry or carry your computer or camera when walking in the city. Don’t advertise yourself as a tourist. You are quite safe, but it is better to be prudent in your activities.

Ecuador uses the American dollar, so you don’t have to change any money, unless you are coming from a different country. They use American coins and their old coins together. It makes it easy if you come with a few $1 and $5 bills, as well as a few 50 cent pieces so that you are prepared for tips. We suggest bringing 50 $1 bills and another $50 in $5 and $10 bills. We suggest not bringing $100 bills because most establishments don’t like to take them, and many of them won’t take them because they simply don’t have the cash to change them. Tipping is a way of life here, so you will find yourself tipping for just about everything, and usually 50 cents is enough.

Credit cards are accepted in the malls and most commercial businesses, but do not expect to be able to use them everywhere. We suggest that you do NOT bring travelers’ checks because they are almost impossible to cash. Only the Central Bank will cash travelers’ checks, and this bank is located in the center of Guayaquil, which is far away through heavy traffic. It would not be a happy experience to take a taxi to this place. There are ATM machines at all the banks, so it is easy to get more cash if you need it.

Taxis are inexpensive, available everywhere, and easy to hire for places you would like to go. Guayaquil is a big city of about three million people. You can see the very modern and the very old. There are big, beautiful, American-type malls next to primitive homes on stilts. Shopping is fun and there are a few people who speak English, especially in the malls. Guayaquil has a fabulous bus system that will take you anywhere if you are brave enough to try it. Car rentals are very expensive (about double or triple that in the U.S.). Many items have American prices and higher, and other items are very inexpensive.

While at the Nova Vita Center, you will be able to tour the farm, see the distillery and the laboratory where the oils are tested, walk through the worm casting houses where organic liquid fertilizer is made every day, walk through the fields and see the crops being harvested, visit the goat dairy, and visit the brick factory where bricks are made with dirt and cement (a new method of making bricks), which will be used to build the new addition of the Young Living Academy. 

Enjoy a glass of very delicious goat milk as well as organic meals at the restaurant that sits on stilts over the lake, just a five minute walk from the Center. Fresh juices are made every day, and all meals and drinks are prepared without sugar, white salt, or white flour. All sweetening is done with agave or yacon. No fried food is served.

There is also an archeological dig on the farm that is fascinating to see, where you can spend a little time with a fork and shovel, if you would like. Four-wheelers are available if you would like to explore the farm. The palo santo forest is a place to spend time meditating or just enjoying the peace and quiet surrounded by the beautiful aroma.

Internet service is usually available at the Young Living Training Center in Guayaquil and at the Young Living Farm, where the Nova Vita Clinic is located. The electrical outlets are the same as in the United States and Canada, and the voltage is 110.

In order to comply with Ecuadorean law, all procedures will be supervised by Dr. Leida Arg├╝ello, an authorized local physician, and assisted by the American medical team.
Results may vary for each individual.  Novavita S.A. is not responsible for any procedure that does not produce the desired result.

**Note: Please email for details regarding stem cell injections. For information about the Nova Vita Center email Please DO NOT respond to this email.