Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Young Living Regional Meetings

The theme for the Young Living Regional meetings is "Winterize Your Immune System."

The promotions at these Evening Regional meetings are:

10% off the following Featured Products: Thieves Oil, Thieves Spray, Thieves Lozenges (hard), Thieves Dentarome Ultra, Thieves Mouthwash, Thieves Hand Soap, Thieves Cleaner, R.C., Longevity Caps, ImmuPro, NingXia Red, A.R.T, Royaldophilus and Kidscents Royaldophilus.

Also, the Immune Support Package, a $204 value, sells for $165. You receive a free bottle of NingXia Red. The Immune Support Package includes Thieves Oil, Thieves Spray, Thieves Lozenges (hard), Thieves Dentarome Ultra, Thieves Mouthwash, Thieves Hand Soap, Thieves Cleaner, R.C., Longevity Caps, and ImmuPro.

New Enrollment Special: (New Distributors enrolled at the meeting that night only.) Must purchase a Starter Kit for $150 ($100 PV), Plus an additional $50 PV, and enroll in Essential Rewards. Receive a $100 Product Voucher.

Monday, October 3, 2005

Our Young Living Opportunity Show is TERRIFIC!

Ann and I have just seen the 1/2 hour Young Living Opportunity Show and it is dynamite! We have a winner here! The show will be on the air shortly after we get our final approval from Young Living. We are all excited about this national TV leads generating system for everyone in Young Living!

Now for more exciting news! We have received many requests to extend the signup period for the September special. Commercial Media has agreed to extend this special offer to October 15th. There will absolutely be no further extensions. Here is what you get by signing up now:

1. Every position you have by October 15th will be Grandfathered in with no price increase for as long as you keep those positions. In the future, if you leave and come back, or purchase additional positions, you will pay the new price at that time. You can purchase up to 4 - $50 positions. If you have already purchased positions and want to increase your positions before October 15th, go to http://www.slsleads.com/ and send an email through the Contact Us link and request up to a total of 4 positions.

2. Everyone who has joined and does join by October 15th will have made the first payment. The second payment will be made after the show starts to air. These 2 payments will be for October and November. You will then not pay for the months of December and January and monthly payments will continue starting with February.

3. Anyone coming in after October 15th will pay when they sign up at the cost listed at that time, pay monthly thereafter and be subject to cost changes as they occur in the future.

4. Commercial Media has announced that they have hired Jeffrey Jordan to assist us with learning about the tools we receive from http://www.slsleads.com/ and to help us with our scripts for calling leads generated from the Young Living Opportunity Show. We have been told that there are more exciting announcements to be made as early as November or December and that the future announcements that are coming will be very exciting and well worth the wait!

Have a great day,

Maurice and Ann