Monday, August 13, 2018

The Art of Enrollment by Eli Wilde

Skilled Questions Realize this: the key to effective communication comes down to your ability to ask skilled questions.

Connection Questions
What made you decide to reach out?

 Background Questions
What are you sing now? How long?

Problem/Awareness Questions
What would you change about your situation, if you could?

Present/Problem Questions  
What's really going on in your business right now?  
Why do you feel it's not where you would like it to be? 

Goal/Vision-Based Questions  
What would you like to see instead?  
Where would you like your biz to be?
If you and I were sitting on the beach, one year from today, sipping coconut water . . . what would have had to have happened for you to say to me " Holly Shit Eli, this has been the BEST year of my life!"  
What is a level 10 to you?

Solution-Based Questions 
If you were to find a sales process or mentor who could help you make an extra 10-20k a month, when would you possibly want to start that?

Gap-Creating Questions
What is the top person in your industry doing?  
What is your goal?  
How close are you to that now? 
Curious, How long have you had that goal? New/Old? 
What's different right now?
Quantifying Questions
How important is it for you to quit leaving money on the table and getting the training you need to get to 6 figures a month?  
What have been your two biggest insights from our time together so far?

Qualifying Questions
 In a scale of 1-10, how much of your potential do you feel you and your business are optimized at right now?  
How much are you leaving on the table every month by not having your sales process dialed-in? 
How much longer is that going to OK? (("How many" or "How much" Question = Quantifying.)) In a scale of 1-10, how important is it for you to achieve your financial goals?

Clarifying Questions  
What is so important about that to you?
I'm curious. What would that mean to you to be able to do that?  
What is the first thing you would do with that money?  
Can you elaborate on that?
When you said, ___. What did yo mean by that?

Challenge-Based Questions  
What if it wasn't what you thought it was?  
If your mindset was at a 10, how would you handle that situation?

Permission Questions  
Is it OK if I challenge you on that?
Could I offer you a different point of view on that?
Could I share with you how top organizations in your industry are handling that challenge? 
May i offer you my professional recommendation?

Transition Questions  
Bob, just to make sure I'm understanding you completely, you said you want X, but right now you are at Y, and because of that it's making you feelZ. Is that correct?  
Do you feel like, this could be what you are looking for?

Consequence Questions
Where do you think your business will be a year from now if you don't change your situation?

Probing Questions  
Why is this important to you now, though? ((My favorite.)) 

Committing Question
 Do you feel like this can get you where you are wanting to go?
Do you feel like having my support would get you to your goals faster?   
What next? 
Where would you like to go from here?
How does this sound?
Are you comfortable with everything we have talked about so far? 

Remember This::  Questions create focus . . .  in fact, they can control it. Right now I could ask you about your shoes, your relationships, the last meal you ate, or the sales numbers of your biz last month.