Tuesday, July 3, 2007

14 oils to choose to have in your first aid kit

idaho balsam fir - stops inflamation
lavender - burns/calming
Melissa - anti-viral/use for cats in anything
Peppermint - headache/tummy issues
Pine - Lung/sinus
di-gize - tummy issues
Egyptian gold - anti-viral/ awaken immune system
Hope/joy - use together for heart issues
Purification - allergic reactions/environment disinfectant
melrose - infected wounds
PanAway - stop bleeding/ bruise/post surgical
Peace and Calming - relaxation
Frankincense - tumors/ bumps/ any wound to bring oxygen to the brain
Thieves (do not use on cats) - bacterial on dogs or people, teeth issues on dogs or people, on cats use melissa or egyptian gold

for more information contact Nancy Brandt DVM