Friday, March 25, 2011

15 Questions to ask Representatives of Essential Oil Companies

1. Does your company own any herb farms?
2. Does your company have their own fully equipped testing laboratory to verify an oil’s composition?
3. Does your company routinely send their oils out to independent testing laboratories for verification?
4. Does your company have anyone on its staff with a trained “nose.”
5. Does your company regularly visit the distilleries and farms of their suppliers to verify quality?
6. Do the farms where your company grows herbs have labs on site to test for determination of the exact day and time for harvest to insure optimal quality?
7. Are your company’s crops harvested at the peak times to obtain the highest quality oils?
8. Are your distillery personnel skilled in both the art and science of extracting the highest quality oils?
9. Does your company employ different distillation techniques and equipment for different oils?
10. With your company, when mistakes are made, are inferior batches of oil discarded or sold?
11. Do your company’s cookers have domed heads or cone heads?
12. Does distillation of oils with your company include supplemental solvents?

13. Does your company bottle directly from the still without modification of any kind?
14. Has your company tested its oils side by side in the same lab with Young Living oils to make a fair comparison?
15. How long has your company been around?